How we raise our money

Every year R.A.B.I gives out around £2 million in grants and helps approximately 2,000 individuals and families.

Most of our income is raised through fundraising events, donations from individuals, businesses, community groups and our volunteer county committees, as well as from gifts in people’s wills and grants from charitable trusts.

Investment income is our second main funding stream. This money underpins our running costs and some of our welfare work, allowing all of our fundraising income to go directly to the people we support.

Other sources of funding include income from farm land given to us by very generous donors and a small amount of income from selling Christmas cards and calendars.

Around 84% of the money R.A.B.I spends every year goes on charitable activities. On average we spend 11% on income generation and a further 5% managing our investments.

For more information see our annual review and reports or find out about making a donation.

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