How we raise our money

Each year, we give out around £2 million in grants to farming people of all ages. We’re grateful for every single penny that is donated to us because it means we can do more to support those in need in our rural communities.

Much of our income comes from donations from individuals, businesses and community groups, gifts in wills, grants from charitable trusts and fundraising events held by our voluntary county committees.

Investment income is our second main funding stream and this money underpins our running costs and some of our work. That’s important because it means you can be confident that every pound you donate to us goes directly towards helping someone in need.

We also make a small amount of income by selling Christmas cards and calendars.

Around 84% of the money we spend every year goes on charitable activities, with 11% spent on income generation and a further 5% used to manage our investments.

"I could have died"

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