Meet The Team

R.A.B.I is made up of teams in Welfare, Finance, Fundraising, Communications and residential care. Some staff are based at head office in Oxford and some are out in the field across the regions. Meet some of us below.

Stephen Noble

Head of Fundraising & Development

“Fundraising usually involves a lot of asking. At R.A.B.I, largely thanks to our network of loyal volunteers, we tend to make sure we’re in the right place at the right time. Then it becomes much more about showing genuine gratitude for people’s kind gifts. I’m proud that we are so good at that. The main aspect of my role is supporting our regional managers to help them be the best they can.”

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Kris Band

Operations Manager & PA to the CEO

“Building relationships is an important part of our work and grants from charitable trusts are vital to enable us to continue our valuable welfare work in the farming community. I also support the Chief Executive in the management of all aspects of R.A.B.I’s operations, including dealing with the Council of Trustees.”

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Suzy Deeley

Corporate Development Manager

“The support of the agricultural business community is vital to us. We love what we do and the difference that we can make to people’s lives. We hope that by working with us you will gain much enjoyment and satisfaction too."

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Trish Pickford

Head of Welfare

“We work in confidence and help people of all ages, as long as they have worked in farming. We also help people who have retired through age, illness or disability. But rather than worry about the criteria, we ask people to contact us - we may still be able to help in lots of ways, even if we can’t give a grant.”

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Vivien Sadler

Head of HR

"The HR team is here to help R.A.B.I look after its staff in the same way that we look after those we support. Our remit covers compliance, health, safety and wellbeing, facilities and all aspects of employment."

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Justin Rees

Head of Finance

"R.A.B.I is performing an increasingly important role and I’m pleased to be part of an organisation that helps farming people who find themselves in difficulty through no fault of their own."

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Karolina Bialecka-Sokol

Head of Home, Beaufort House

"Our main goal is to deliver the highest quality support possible and offer a true home for all who live here. Beaufort House is like a family."

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Carole Smith

Head of Home, Manson House

"We take great pride in the care we provide and work hard to respect and promote residents’ independence, dignity and choice. Residents are encouraged to lead active lives for as long as they are able - there is never a dull moment!"

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