Gift Aid

Every year Gift Aid is worth tens of thousands to RABI. The scheme is open to UK taxpayers only and increases the value of donations by 25 pence in the £1.

You can imagine the impact of this on RABI. Effectively for every £1 you donate, we can claim 25 pence back from HMRC, thus boosting a £20 donation by an extra £5.

It’s such a good scheme that we are often asked why more fundraising cannot be Gift Aided. Part of the answer is that you cannot Gift Aid the purchase of a ticket for entry into a raffle or to an event (such as a dinner or pub quiz) because you are entitled to a benefit; for example a chance to win a prize, or a meal or entertainment.

Gift Aid only applies to donations which are given freely, without any obligation for us to offer something in return.

In addition:

  1. You must donate your own money. The funds should not come from anyone else, including family members or from an office or public (e.g. bucket) collection.
  2. The money you donate cannot be the proceeds from sales of goods or services or the sale of tickets.

HMRC insists on a clear paper trail for all Gift Aid donations. We have official Gift Aid envelopes and Gift Aid forms which have to be completed and signed by donors - for that reason, you cannot simply ask us to Gift Aid a donation in an accompanying letter.

Once you have completed your Gift Aid declaration, we can claim Gift Aid on all your future donations, as well as any made in the past four years.

Download a copy of the Gift Aid form

To request printed Gift Aid forms or Gift Aid envelopes please call 01865 724931 or email

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