To assist in the achievement of providing a holistic toolkit of support and services to the farming community, RABI is seeking to develop partnerships with other not-for-profit organisations.   

If your organisation would like to consider working with RABI to achieve these aims, please contact us at

RABI also provides grants to not-for-profit organisations working at a national or local level where they support the provision of enhanced services to the farming community.   

Under the core objective of providing financial awards to generate increased resilience for farming people, RABI currently seeks to prioritise financial support to organisations within the following funding objectives:

  • Help at a critical moment

Providing immediate assistance to help individuals rebuild their lives following a crisis, critical moment or trauma

  • Supporting living independently

Supporting individual to remain engaged and living in their local communities

  • Training and up-skilling

Enhancing an individual’s skills to generate added value and income

  • Mental wellbeing

Empowering individuals to improve their mental health

Applications for organisational funding are made to Trustees on an ongoing basis and all are unique in nature.  Please contact a member of the RABI team in the first instance at if you would like to discuss a potential organisational funding application.

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