Mental health training for the farming community


Help to build greater resilience within the farming community

Having the confidence to start conversations about mental health with family, friends, colleagues, customers or clients is a skill that more of us need.

To support people in our community to feel more confident talking to each other about how they are feeling, we have launched accredited mental health training that’s tailored to farming people. This is an important step towards normalising the conversations around farmer wellbeing.

We believe having the right tools to start talking about mental health can make a big difference. Training can break down barriers and help ensure farming people who need further support can access it more easily.

About the training

Three levels of farming-focused training are available, including half-day, one-day and two-day courses. These are delivered by our specialist provider of mental health training.

Depending on your requirements, trainers can attend in person or virtually should this be preferred.

The courses discuss:

  • Understanding common mental health conditions
  • Recognising signs and symptoms
  • How to support others to access the support they need
  • Looking after our own mental health

Unique aftercare service

Our training programme includes a unique aftercare service to everyone who receives training. You are never alone when dealing with difficult situations.

Placing people’s wellbeing front and centre, our training partner provides access to on-demand support from professional counsellors to all trainees. This gives individuals the opportunity to discuss their experiences of supporting others, and gain further advice whenever it is needed, so no one shoulders the weight of tough conversations alone.

How to book training for yourself or your team

If you would like to know more, please get in touch using the button below and one of the team will get back to you to discuss your requirements. 

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