Looking after your mental health

Coronavirus update

R.A.B.I’s Helpline remains open and staff will continue to provide support to people from the farming sector in need, despite the challenges posed by Coronavirus.

It’s clear from speaking to callers that most people would prefer to access support over the phone for now.

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It’s easy to overlook one of your most important assets, your own mental wellbeing.

Farming can be a 24/7 business and many in the industry work long hours in isolation in remote, rural areas. That’s why strong support networks are vital for maintaining good mental health, especially during stressful times. Our caseworkers are available and willing to talk through problems and concerns in complete confidence, without judgement. They are trained in suicide awareness and mental health first-aid and provide a human, sympathetic and caring link to the charity.

It is vital that anyone suffering from mental health issues seeks professional help. We work closely with many other organisations and agencies to ensure support is provided where it is needed, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We are continuing to develop our services, putting rounded support systems in place to engage with new people and strengthen existing relationships. We don’t just want to start new conversations, we want to keep them going.

Pictured above are David Ottley with his wife Lizzie (left) and welfare officer Sally Hubbard. Read David's story.

Moved beyond words

"I wouldn't be here without you"

Simon Preece