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Coronavirus update

In line with Government advice, our hard-working committees and volunteers have been advised that all fundraising events, awareness-raising events and committee meetings have been cancelled until further notice. We appreciate enormously the support of each of our committees and hope to reschedule wherever possible.

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North East Latest News

Belles Cantos singing group

Belles Cantos sing at Masham concert

Belles Cantos (pictured) sang at the annual Christmas Concert at Swinton Park, Masham, which took […]
Reverend Canon Leslie Morley, Noreen Abell, David Anderson (North Yorkshire committee chairman) and Chris Andrews (former R.A.B.I regional manager)

Brian was instrumental in North Yorkshire launch

Noreen Abell was presented with a president’s badge on behalf of her husband Brian, who died […]
R.A.B.I raffle prize winner Tim Richie with his toy tractor prize

Dinner at Duke of Northumberland’s castle

The Duke of Northumberland allowed R.A.B.I to use his castle for a fundraising dinner and dance. […]

Soaring Santa swaps reindeer for an aeroplane!

Father Christmas will be ditching the reindeer and flying in by aeroplane for the Northumberland […]

Liam, 3, says ‘ta very much’

Martin Foster submitted this photograph, saying: “Here is my grandson Liam Malcolm celebrating his […]

Singing Farmer Ken still a hit

Ken Jackson, better known as one of the Singing Farmers, performed with his granddaughter and […]

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