Simon Preece

“I wouldn’t be here without you”

“I’ve been through the mill. Everything’s been taken from me. As long as I’ve not got the […]

“You saved my life”

We recently received a message of thanks from a Staffordshire farmer who we helped last year. […]

Without them I would still be struggling to make ends meet

Below is an extract from a thank you letter from someone we have supported. It’s both humbling and […]
Thank you

Thank you R.A.B.I

Below are extracts from thank you letters, from some of the people we have supported. It’s both […]
Jo Turnbull

Every George deserves respect

By Jo Turnbull, trustee A few weeks ago, I attended the funeral of someone R.A.B.I had supported for […]
Jemma and Gareth Cattran

When life becomes a blur

Gareth and Jemma Cattran live in Helston, Cornwall. Through no fault of their own, they found […]
Dear R.A.B.I

Dear R.A.B.I…

Giving, supporting and signposting. What can R.A.B.I do? Here are some examples of letters and […]
Chris Heath stood in front of a tractor

Chris’s story

When second generation Worcestershire dairy farmer Chris Heath suffered a serious farm accident […]
John outside his home in Pembroke , on his mobility scooter

Changing Lives – John’s story

 John worked in farming all his life, until ill health forced him to retire in 2004. Born on a […]