R.A.B.I to fast-track grants to dairy farmers

Following notification of Tomlinson’s Dairies going into administration, R.A.B.I has released […]
Jenny Tyler - East Central Welfare Officer

A day in the life of a welfare officer

Jenny Tyler is one of R.A.B.I’s 14 regional welfare officers, providing frontline support to […]

Our work in 2019 so far

Providing financial support for farming families is at the heart of what we do, but there’s a lot […]

Welfare manager celebrates 25 years

Christophine Goss, Welfare Manager for the North, celebrated her 25th year with R.A.B.I on August […]

67% of new enquiries from working farmers

Of the 437 new enquiries for help R.A.B.I received from January to May, 67 per cent came from […]

171% increase in funds given to working farmers in Jan 2019

In January this year, R.A.B.I gave out over £47k in grants to working farmers and their dependants […]

22% of new enquires related to injury and illness

During 2018, R.A.B.I received 780 new enquiries for help. Around 22% of these new applicants cited […]

£1.4m given to retired farmers

During 2018, R.A.B.I paid out more than £1.4m in regular grants to retired, elderly, and disabled […]

47% more in grants given to working families in 2018

R.A.B.I saw a huge 47% rise in the amount it paid to working farmers, farmworkers and their […]