Training grants

We can provide grants to help you learn new skills or develop existing skills so that you can earn extra money off-farm. We want you to be able to increase your income so you can stay in farming.

We have helped people train in tree surgery, hedge-laying and butchery, as well as livestock foot-trimming and pregnancy scanning! We have also helped people gain HGV licences, take forklift truck operator courses and qualify as medical receptionists, IT operators and website designers.

This scheme is for established farmers on low incomes and with limited savings. Farmworkers who have been made redundant, left the industry or can no longer work due to illness or disability may also be eligible.

Somerset farmer and shepherd Jock Muirhead (pictured above) was delighted to have passed his LGV practical driving test. RABI supported Jock to undertake LGV (cat C and CE) driver training so he can earn extra money alongside his farm income.

Other things to remember about RABI training grants:

  • They are provided at the discretion of trustees.
  • People currently working in farming in England and Wales can apply for assistance.
  • The household's main source of income should come from farming.
  • A spouse/partner may also be eligible for a training grant. At their discretion, trustees may consider applications from a son/daughter whose main occupation is on-farm and who intends to increase the household income.
  • Training grants are not for people seeking to enter the farming industry, higher education or for training sons/daughters who are looking to work fully independently, off-farm.
  • They won't be provided if the cost of the training should form part of the overheads for the general running of the applicant's business. This applies to farmworkers too, where an employer would normally be expected to pay for training needs.

To find out more, or discuss with a member of RABI's welfare team, please call the confidential freephone helpline 0808 281 9490 or email

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