Keep it safe & legal

Enjoy your fundraising experience – but be sure to consider the safety and legal practicalities of fundraising. Charity fundraising is increasingly regulated and as a subscriber to the Fundraising Regulator, we want to ensure that any fundraising carried out in our name abides by the Code of Fundraising Practice.

We hope that no-one ever has cause to complain about any fundraising event held in aid of RABI, but you can view our fundraising complaints policy.

Fundraising for RABI

Thank you so much for choosing to raise money for RABI.

Please keep good records of your fundraising, but if you hold people’s personal data, e.g. their contact details to send them tickets to an event, please store them securely, use them only for the purpose for which they were gathered and do not retain any longer than is necessary to complete your fundraising. Similarly, please collect and store funds safely, securely and separate from your own money.

Any cheques should be made payable to RABI, not to you personally, and funds raised should be given to us as soon as possible after the event, together with any sponsorship forms.

RABI’s insurance policy only covers events arranged directly by us, so please check your insurance position if you are raising funds independently. Don’t forget that you need permission from the owner if you collect on private property, including in shops and pubs.

If you are holding a raffle you must sell the tickets at a single event, and draw the winner at the event or very soon after, otherwise you will need a licence from your local council. Licences may also be required for other things, for example, if you plan to sell alcohol or play music.

If you have to cancel an event, ticket money or donations received in advance must be returned. If anyone declines a refund – or if you are unable to trace the giver – the money should be sent to RABI.

It’s your responsibility to ensure that your fundraising event runs safely and legally. It’s therefore wise to carry out a risk assessment beforehand and ensure that everyone helping and taking part is aware of what’s involved, especially if you have identified hazards that could cause serious injury, however unlikely to occur. Food hygiene procedures and food safety regulations are especially important if catering is involved.

Please make sure that your event is supervised properly and take particular care regarding children. Last but not least, please thank everyone who has helped.

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