Our commitment to safeguarding

RABI is committed to protecting from harm our beneficiaries, employees, volunteers and any other people who come into contact with us through our work.

Everyone has a right to be protected from abuse, and all suspicions and allegations of abuse and neglect will be taken seriously and responded to appropriately.

Our Council (Board of Trustees) is accountable for all activities undertaken by and in the name of RABI. While acknowledging its collective responsibility the Council has appointed Jo Turnbull as our Safeguarding lead.

Our expectations of those who work in our name

As a national charity providing local support for the farming community, we are committed to delivering the highest standards of care and support. Our values reflect those we support; caring, fair, trust, respect and stewardship and we expect and require everyone who works for RABI, whether volunteers or employee, or those who undertakes services in our name to meet out expected standards of behaviour.

We have an approved Code of Conduct which applies to all staff and volunteers and sets out the culture of our organisation and the expected standards of behaviour.

Actions will be taken against individuals where their behaviour places others at risk of harm.

Reporting Concerns

Anyone can raise a concern to us about something they have experienced or witnessed.

Our Designated Safeguarding Lead is Helen Sisk. You can contact Helen confidentially on

Alternatively, you can also contact us confidentially and securely