Our Vision

No member of the farming community should have to face adversity alone

Our Mission

We exist to provide guidance, practical care and financial support to those in need within the farming community

Our Values

Caring  - We are committed to treating everyone with empathy and compassion.

Fair  - We strive to treat everyone equally and reasonably.

Trust  - We won’t let people down, working with honesty and openness to achieve what we have promised.

Respect  - We value the contribution made by all and treat others as we would like to be treated, with sensitivity and without prejudice.

Stewardship  - We take great care of the resources entrusted to us and act with integrity to maximise their use.

Our Strategic Aims

Dealing with life’s challenges can be tough and RABI is here to help to identify and deliver solutions that provide the farming community with tools to help them build resilience and get through difficult times.

RABI is aware that the charity must continue to develop in order to deliver the evolving toolkit of services required to meet the changing needs of the farming community we support.

To achieve this the four strategic aims articulated in our 2019 strategy are:

  1. Evidence our understanding of how life’s challenges affect those who farm; using this knowledge to develop and deliver flexible and accessible programmes of support that reach more people
  2. Continue to increase awareness of our work and support programmes within the farming community
  3. Strengthen existing relationships and develop new ways to engage with our supporters
  4. Manage our charity as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Further details of some of the actions and activities we plan to do to help to achieve these aims during 2019-2024 can be found in our 2019 strategy document – The Foundations for Change.

Download a pdf copy of our latest strategy documents by clicking on the buttons below.

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